Sungrow Hybrid 5.0kW Battery Ready Inverter + EPS + STB5K

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Sungrow Power has been manufacturing inverters since 1997. In 2014 Sungrow shipped the second highest volume of inverters globally and are at the forefront of new technology in the solar industry. Their SH5K PV ESS Hybrid inverter is considered one of the best in the world pairing perfectly with the Sungrow PowCube and LG Chem Resu Battery range.

Easy to navigate with intelligent monitoring, Sungrows ‘Solarinfobank’ is the online platform to view the performance of your inverter, your solar system and storage system and your home's consumption data.

With the backup box STB5K connected into the PV ESS, the system is capable of operating as an off-grid system to ensure an emergency power supply for emergency loads in the event of a grid interruption or blackout.