System Upgrades and New Systems

Many homes throughout Australia already know the benefits of installing solar and are now asking if they should add more solar panels or install a second solar system.
Adding extra panels to an existing system can be a great way to increase solar energy generation and depending on your situation this can help off-set a greater amount of energy or increase your solar feed-in credits.
SolaRestore will look at your systems age, the inverters capacity, your energy consumption and available roof space to help you decide if upgrading your solar system is the right decision for you.



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New SolaRestore Solar Systems

    We understand the industry and have spent years correcting the mistakes of solar companies that have left customers with a bad taste in their mouth. At SolaRestore our mission is to restore your faith in the solar industry and we carry this ethos with us in every aspect of our business.

    When you choose us as your renewable energy partner we are with you for the long term and we leave no stone unturned to ensure you obtain the most value driven solar power system our industry has to offer.

Rooftop Design

So what makes SolaRestore the best value?

    • We only work with Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers.
    • Our prices are genuine and fair and come complete with support for the lifetime of your system.
    • Our electricians are paid fairly and never rushed to get the job done quickly.
    • We provide only the highest quality system components.
    • We go above and beyond to educate people about our industry and equipp them with the right information to make smart decisions.
    • We offer unrivelled after sales support with our experience in rectying issues from other companies.

System Upgrades

We help homes throughout Australia increase their system size and there are many reasons why you too could benefit from upgrading your homes solar power system. Solar system upgrades we provide are extensive and improve the output, safety and security of your investment in solar energy.

Some of the main reasons for upgrading your homes solar power system are listed below.

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    Increase System Performance

    • New equipment provides higher efficiencies
    • System will operate longer throughout the day
    • Improved shade tolerance and reduced degredation over time

    Improved Safety and Reliability

    • Updates installation to current industry standards
    • New equipment meets higher safety requirements
    • Rooftop isolator allows for rapid system shutdown

Restored Lifetime Security

  • Replacing warn out components reduces risk of faults
  • Renewed installation and component warranties
  • Raise the security of your system warranties

Reduced Reliance on the Grid

  • Greater independance from the energy grid
  • Offset a higher degree of fossil fuels
  • Prepare your system for adding storage in the future

Monitoring made Easy

  • Allows monitoring of the PV generation, export and overall consumption of a property with solar panels.
  • Intuition online dashboard gives you access wherever you go, as long as you have internet access. Android and i-Phone apps can give you access on-the-go.
  • Shows live readings to 12 second intervals, and a historical account of the above; also telling you when you’ve improved your usage habits or your solar panels are performing better.
  • User configurable tariff settings allow the unit to calculate what you’ve spent over the course of a day, week, and month. FITS settings allow you to see the tangible impact your solar panels are having on your bills.
  • Provides graphs showing both historical and peak values, allowing you to identify when your solar panels have been generating the most energy – and therefore the best times to use power in a day

Monitoring Devices