Inverter Repairs

If you are worried that your solar system is not functioning as usual it may be in need of servicing. Our qualified technicians can help diagnose your issue and determine the appropriate steps needed to bring your system back in action.

Whether you are in need of a small repair, general maintenance or inverter replacement. SolaRestore are your expect partner and will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Although many solar inverters have a 5-10 year lifespan the lifetime of your solar panels is much longer and replacing your faulty inverter with a new high efficiency unit will extend the lifetime of your solar system.
Our network of electricians and quality suppliers allows us to respond quickly to your situation and ensure you are back harvesting solar energy as fast as possible.


Warranty Claims

Many solar systems include separate warranties (usually 5-10 years) on each component and the solar company and manufacturer are obligated to replace components that fail within this warranty period. Navigating these warranties, lodging an application and following up the process can be confusing and take time.

SolaRestore can help simplify the whole process and take care of everything, allowing you to access your warranty without the headache. With our experience in the solar industry we can speed up this process for you and minimise your solar downtime.




Through high quality engineering and great performance ABB provides cost-effective inverters built to handle any size solar system.



With the best track record for creating quality solar inverters, there is no secret why we proudly recommend the SMA Sunny Boy range.



Powered by industry leading technology, Fronius manufacture great inverters with a focus on 24 Hour energy systems.